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Greater Sudbury Transit Timeline & History

 November 11, 1915  The Sudbury Copper Cliff Suburban Electric Railway is formed.  

   Above is car 36 on Elm St.                                          Above is car 30 on a trestle outside of Copper Cliff.

  •  Streetcar service from Sudbury / Downtown to Copper Cliff, Ontario.
  •  First buses introduced in 1947.

  Above is a Sudbury-Copper Cliff Electric Suburban Railway bus parked at the Car Barn on Notre Dame Ave.

  •  Streetcars discontinued in 1950.
  •  Sudbury Copper Cliff buses ran from 1947 to 1951.

 November 1951  Sudbury Bus Lines formed.


Above is a Sudbury Bus Lines Ltd token.   Above is a SBL GMC TGH-3102 "Old Look" bus outside Manhattan Grocers.

  •  SBL ran until March 31, 1966.
 April 1, 1966  Laurentian Transit formed.

Above is a crest from the former Local Lines Ltd.      Above is a photo of various buses in downtown Sudbury.
  •  Joint operation of Nickel Belt Coach Lines, Local Lines Ltd and DeLongchamp Cartage.
  •  Laurentian Transit operated until December 31, 1971.

 January 1, 1972  Sudbury Transit is formed.  

  • 1986 -  Buses recieve the paint scheme below instead of the full orange scheme above.

  •  1992 - Buses receive City of Sudbury's aqua and grey stripes along with city logo.
  1991 Orion V 914 with 1992 City of Sudbury scheme                             1977 GMC New Look 806 at the transit garage with the 1992 colors.        
  •  1995 - The first "Low Floor" fully accessible buses hit the streets.  New Flyer Industries D40LF are the  model of choice.  3 purchased by Sudbury Transit, 2 purchased by the Town of Rayside Balfour.
Brand new 1995 New Flyer D40LF 953 downtown on Lisgar St.
  •  1997 -  The downtown Transit Terminal opens to the public.


 January 1, 2001  Greater Sudbury Transit is formed during city amalgamation.  

  • Buses begin receiving new green and gold stripes and new city logo.
  • Buses from Capreol Bus Lines and Town of Rayside Balfour enter GST fleet.
 April 2003 -  Greater Sudbury Transit's oldest buses, GMC New Look 806 and GMC New Look 904 are retired and sent to auction after serving the Sudbury area for over 25 years.

 New Look 904 at the auction in 2003. 

September 1, 2011End of an era, Greater Sudbury Transit becomes 100% accessible with the retirement of 1994 Orion 5 "high floor" buses 942 to 944 and addition of 7 new 2011 Nova Bus LFS's numbered 811 to 817.